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Services for digital business, system integration, engineering, consulting and leadership

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through optimization of your business, technology and application landscape in the digitalized world of Industry 4.0.  

Our products are designed for any size of organizations and companies willing to optimize their performance and use the benefits of data science and digitalization.

Software Engineering

interconnective supports you for the development of customized software solutions. As an independent company we focus on modular systems that are easy to integrate, easy to enhance and easy to configure. We support you in the development of software solutions according to your requirements. We are provider-independent company, and therefore we focus on modular systems, easy to integrate, extend and configure.

System Integration

Our focus lies on efficient and robust system integration of various legacy systems. Thanks to our long lasting experience in various integration projects we know a seamless integration of different applications can be achieved. Efficient and stable interrelation of your systems is our aim. Through the many years of experience in system integration projects we know how to make your various applications work together efficiently.

Transportation Industry: TAF/TAP-TSI and Railways

Detailed knowledge on TAF/TAP-TSI (Telematic Applications for Freight/Passenger - Technical Specification for Interoperability, provided by European Railway Agency) belong to the standard service portfolio of our consultancy.
Through the participation of Seid Maglajlic in TAF-TSI Deployment Team of UIC, TAF Change Control Management Working Parties of European Railway Agency (EUAR, the body of European Commission), Joint Sector Group as well as the leadership of TAF/TAP-TSI Telematic Expert Group TrainID and Support Management Office (SMO) for RailNetEurope, the experience and sophisticated know-how on implementation of TAF/TAP-TSI has been built.
We are ready to share our knowledge within the railway industry sector and steer your TAF/TAP-TSI implementation projects as senior advisors.

Gaming Industry

One of the industry sectors where interconnective is especially active is the gaming industry. Consulting, project management and Enterprise Architecture Management for companies that produce online gaming platforms, lottery systems and casino management systems belong to our service portfolio.

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